About KCH

Since 2001, our team has been serving the investor and entrepreneur community by providing environments that lead to successful investments and growth in their entrepreneurial endeavors. We work directly with investors helping them to understand the process of investing in private companies and providing the tools to objectively decide which companies are most likely to succeed.   We help entrepreneurs understand and prepare their businesses to attract investment capital that is inline with a successful business strategy.

Aspiring investors are always in search of good investment opportunities. Their goal is to increase the value of their portfolio, accumulate wealth and when possible create passive revenue streams.  There are 4 primary assets within any well rounded portfolio:

Cash  +   Real Estate  +  Stocks/Bonds/Mutual Funds  +   Alternative Investments/Private Equity

Earning and Saving Cash is pretty much straight forward… you wouldn’t be an investor if you didn’t have that skill down pat.  Real estate investing and traditional stock/bond/mutual fund investing are pretty straight forward so that you can hire someone to invest or manage your portfolio for you based on your set of criteria and goals. Or as you develop your own expertise from workshops, classes, books, and webinars, you may take on investigating and directly investing in opportunities.   However, when it comes to making investments into private companies, the disclosure information isn’t the same as other investments.  The terms of the investment are different and aren’t as straight forward as simply buying and selling stock or real estate.  It can seem like a “secret society” for only the very wealthy because there just aren’t the same educational offerings or strategic advisors for angel investing as there are with the investment assets.

Our purpose and mission is to change that.

Our Mission

Provide world class education that begins with the basics found in “Inside Secrets to Angel Investing”. Provide access to a continuous stream of best of class opportunities to learn from other investors and industry insiders. Create a vibrant and vast community of sophisticated investors that understand the risks and rewards of owning a small piece of many companies and embrace the satisfaction that by doing so they contribute to the growth of our economy in a very fundamental way: Bringing innovation to market, feeding the entrepreneurial spirit, creating jobs, and creating wealth to be spent and invested again and again.  We call this Compassionate Capitalism.

Our Purpose

  • Remove the barriers that sophisticated investors face when considering diversifying into private equity investment:
  • Increasing their Financial IQ so they become comfortable with the process and the inherent risks that comes with investing in private companies so they will take action and make the investment.
  • Providing access to qualified deals that are interesting, compelling and provide a reasonable expectation of a return on investment.
  • Mitigating the risk (fear) and investment of time (cost) that so often impedes the investment process when motivated investors like deals, want to invest,  but still do not invest.  This comes from being a part of a community of investors to co-invest and a due diligence portal that grants secure access to the documents you want to see.

The National Network of Angel Investors is a community of Compassionate Capitalists – they participate in our online virtual environment and when possible gather together in board rooms and clubs in their area to:

“collaborate, learn and prosper”

Founder’s Background

Karen Rands is the founder of Kugarand Capital Holdings, LLC.  Her work with innovation and leading edge technology  dates back to her early days at IBM where she worked with specially formed teams to bring wireless hardware and software solutions to market in the early 90s.  As the markets shifted in the late 90s to internet based solutions, she joined the complex Opportunity Business Unit to apply her unique blend of industry knowledge and forward thinking to attract and cultivate companies pioneering cloud based solutions and internet dot.com solutions to partner with IBM to bring those products to market.  She entered into the private sector to work directly with entrepreneurs and investors as part of the rebound after the dot.com market correction and rebuilt the angel community in Atlanta, earning accolades for her tough scrutiny of business opportunities on behalf of the investors and keen insight for entrepreneurs seeking effective strategies to raise capital.   She continues that pattern of success today with a larger national investor organization and with improved methods for screening and delivering qualified opportunities to the investor community.   She is joined with specifically chosen experts to augment her skills in financial modeling and accounting, intellectual property valuation, industry assessment and securities brokering.  Click HERE for Karen's complete bio. 

Kugarand Capital Holdings has transformed over the years as many companies do to survive tough economic times.  Formed originally as Kugarand Holdings, LLC in 2001, it provided advisory services to entrepreneurs seeking go-to-market and growth strategies, and the capital to fuel those plans.  After a colleague in the financial management industry asked Karen Rands to provide education to his clients seeking knowledge about angel investing, her research revealed there was little to no education geared toward investors.  She authored the How to Be an Angel Investor eZine earlier in 2004 which became the “Inside Secrets to Angel Investing V1, with the goal of creating a new generation of angel investors. Karen rebranded her entrepreneur advisory services as Launch Funding Network (LAUNCHfn) in 2005. She assumed management of the Network of Business Angels and Investors, Inc, to rebuild that organization, becoming one of the most active angel groups in the southeast and being named one of the top 50 angel groups by Inc Magazine.  That organization was the foundation for what is now The National Network of Angel Investors.

Through the years, Karen and her team have organized over 50 investor events ranging in size from 10 investors in a board room to 250 attending a multi-day conference. The total capital received by LAUNCHfn's entrepreneurial clients totals well over $60 Million since 2005, and has led to the creation of over 200 jobs and a combined revenue and economic contribution of over $150 Million.  Although Kugarand Holdings weathered the economic storm during the recession, it was apparent that the old model wasn’t working.  Kugarand Holdings was reorganized as Kugarand Capital Holdings, LLC in 2012 to respond to:

  • the dynamics of an economy in flux and characterized by uncertainty,
  • limits on discretionary time of the wealthy executives and business owners with capital and desire to invest, but little time to identify and evaluate private equity investment opportunities, and
  • changes to the regulatory environment allowing the free flow of information about unique opportunities to own portions of multiple private companies.

The Future

Under the new SEC regulations for Reg D offerings permitting general solicitation, Kugarand Capital Holdings, KCH, will only work with companies that qualify for the 506c exemption. The secure due diligence platform offered in this site will be the gateway for accredited investors within our community to view opportunities that have been screened and vetted by our due diligence team and are in compliance with the new regulations.  KCH does not offer a crowd funding portal.  The gateway is only available to registered members. 

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