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R/R Index© – 5/8

R/R Index© – 7/8

R/R Index© -- 2/6

R/R Index© -- 3/9

WIC© -  Multi-platform educational gaming software with proven outcomes for learning to play the piano and stimulate brain development.  Fully developed and market ready.

WIC©-  BVR NeuroGaming industry is on the brink of mass consumerism.  EyeMynd offers a proprietary solution to solve the problem the burden of “deep-learning” algorithms and improves the ease of use of neuro-headsets.

WIC©- Low risk opportunity to provide financing for purchase of land and equipment to serve as a Dirt Mine and an Inert Landfill. Permitted and contracts pending.

WIC©- Portal for small business owners to identify and apply for multiple sources of short term loans with fixed payback period.  Development complete, some revenue.  Investors earn return like an annuity.

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