For Entreprenuers

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You found this site because you are seeking capital.

Whether that is seed capital to start your business, or
angel investment capital to grow your business, or
venture capital to help you change the world,
you have come to the right place.

We know and understand the challenges you face as an entrepreneur struggling to grow your business:

     get more customers,
                      increase profit,
                                hire the right people, and
                                         stay true to your vision….

      To Leave Your Thumbprint on the world….>>>>>

Finding investors, convincing them to trust you with their money, the legal requirements, the time spent raising capital instead of working on your business and  the emotional drain of time wasted with non-investors….

It can all be overwhelming. 

That is where we step in…..

Through the Launch Funding Network Access to Capital System and our partner network, out team can help you from seed stage to expansion stage to gain access to all types of capital.

Get Started with a free consultation –
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  • Business plan & pitch deck evaluation
  • Business plan development tool kit and services
  • Capital strategy and access to capital
  • Crowdfunding investor relations campaigns
  • Coaching program to master the “how-tos” for raising capital- seed stage to series A
  • REG D  506c, Reg A, Direct Public Offering – investor relations, secure document management, investment banking

At Kugarand Capital Holdings offering platform, each invited investor is verified as an Accredited Investor ensuring they are properly qualified and meet the SEC’s Regulation D Rule 501 accredited investor standard prior to viewing your offering profile. Qualified invited accredited investors can view your offering without physical delivery of your offering documents. Invited investors can then contact your company to discuss and invest.

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