Success Stories

We are proud of the role we played in the following companies’ efforts to attract growth capital. Many more companies not listed here were successful attracting capital as a result of our coaching, document preparation and strategic counsel. No investor has reported a loss of investment on any of the companies that KCH introduced them too.

atr_logo.gif brainwave.jpg chainreaction_logo.jpg climax_logo.gif
Cluckin_Pig_logo.jpg datacall_logo.jpg elifecare_logo.jpg esmerald_logo.jpg
freightpath_logo.jpg  genesis_logo.jpg gengreen_Logo.jpg ID_rank_Logo.jpg
izoom_logo.jpg kidsmart_logo.jpg kiztoys_logo.jpg lgmh_logo.jpg
Magnus_Logo.jpg mark_mender_logo.jpg math_made_easy_logo.jpg MTI_Logo.jpg
p2pcash_Logo.jpg playgolf_logo.jpg rasta_pop_logo.gif RPN_Logo.jpg
scan_tech_logo.jpg techsphere_logo.jpg tego_logo.jpg Tendercare_Logo.jpg
trackside_logo.jpg tricycle_logo.jpg Vystar_Logo.jpg World_Energy_logo.jpg